NYC from the Hudson River – Exceptional Lighting

Back last year, while returning by ferry from a day-trip to Manhattan, the lighting was awesome. Being the busy Christmas season of 2016, these images were saved in my computer until… now! Storms to the north and the late afternoon sun brightly shinning in the south-west accentuated the stunning view.

As usual, click on the image for a closer look, and thanks for viewing. Comments and questions are always welcome.Β Β  M πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “NYC from the Hudson River – Exceptional Lighting

    1. We took a lot of images on the short ride across the river. (along with other passengers!) It was dynamic and so – well… captivating! As a side note, this particular ferry crosses over the spot where Sully Sullenburger’s plane landed back in 2009.

  1. wonderful capture of the mood of the storm coming, the lighting can be seen against the buildings, I was ready to run for my umbrella. Love the perspective with the water in the foreground

    1. We were coming back on the Port Imperial ferry, when – it was like being in a candy store, awesome scapes in all directions. And the atmosphere between the clouds was as clear as can be. Thanks for the comment. M πŸ™‚

  2. Incredible lighting! And how fortunate you didn’t forget about these photos! I love the light here in New York, it’s bright but warmer than Athens, for example, where it’s whiter or Brussels where it’s grey-blue. And the way it reflects on the buildings… infinite photo ops!

    1. Holistic Boy: Yes, I do recall earlier posts from your mom, in or refering to her days in NYC. I have a strong feeling your wish will come true in good time! Say hello to you’re mom from me. M πŸ™‚


    I’ve always loved that Golden Hour lighting. It’s especially awesome in Arizona; I have many photos that attest to this fact.

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