Pondering Illuminant Metamerism – Or, Get a Life!

While at my desk recently, (sitting there thoughtless – for me, a common place to be,) I took this picture of the ceiling above, which slants down to a skylight.

What’s interesting, or not, is the fact that except for the window, the same color paint was used on the same type surface. Only the angle of the outside lighting is different. Yes, it’s called Illuminant Metamerism, and was a consideration for which colorants (pigments) were to be utilized in my early career in the color matching science. Ultimatly that  led to “getting a (good) life” in my chosen career field.

There’s no point in zooming in on this image, but as usual, comments are always welcome. M:-)

5 thoughts on “Pondering Illuminant Metamerism – Or, Get a Life!

  1. What? I clicked anyway and your large picture looks like one of those paintings you see in modern art museums that are worth millions of dollars! Oh, and I think it’s metamerism, not metamerisam.

    1. Got it. Thanks. Sending out a very quick post without input from my personal, and very accurate spell-checker (my wife,) is always asking for trouble. And I’m glad to see that the zoom in feature is working well again on a post format that wasn’t “copied” from a previous post, as has been my habit for two or more years. M 🙂

  2. ccj beat me to mentioning the extra “a” but in all fairness, I was at the gym and thus suffered a temporal disadvantage.

    And, yes, it makes choices difficult. Choosing a color paint for a room becomes an exercise of “at what time of day will I look at it.” I had one room whose walls tended to lean toward brown in the evening and green in the morning. Luckily, I liked them both.

    1. Indeed. Sometimes it’s best not to be over particular, which basically raises the possibility of disappointment! And thanks for the “a” catch as well. M 🙂

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