Enough Snow – Bring On Springtime

As usual, zoom in for a closer look, thanks for viewing and comments are always welcome. M 🙂

In response to the comment by fellow contributor Disperser,  I’ve added the original image below, which has been my screen-saver for the past few snowy weeks:

2013-09-19 at 12-07-30 - Version 2

4 thoughts on “Enough Snow – Bring On Springtime

  1. The zoom compression makes it look almost like a composite photo because the proportions between the seagull and the sanderlings looks off.

    Nice photo.

    1. I was felt the original was a little weak (lacking the 2/3s rule,) placing the slightly out of focus gull off to the left. Let me know if you see a proportions difference. Perhaps I could have focused on the gull, or even shut down the aperture a bit to bring it all into focus, but, I like sort of the emphasis on the sandpipers. Thanks as usual for the comment and thoughts. M:-)

    2. The picture is fine as cropped. My comment was prompted by the seagull looking very large compared to the sanderlings. I assumed that might just be zoom distorting the relative distance between them and making the proportions look off but — by looking at the uncropped version — it just looks like a big seagull behind the sanderlings.

      Although, cropping it does seem to magnify the effect, regardless how they are cropped (I tried a couple of different ways).

      One suggestion I would make is to leave a bit more room in the direction the birds are facing. I remember reading that as a hint from some nature photographer or other and it relates to leaving a perceived “place to go” ahead of the animal instead of putting the barrier (edge of the photo) too close to them.

      For example:


      Ultimately, I think it’s a matter of personal preference.

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