The Tower Above Oakland, New Jersey


Through the trees from our backyard, about 1.35 miles (2.17 km) to the west,  the “Oakland” tower is  seen a few minutes after sunset. 

In a slightly zoomed-in view, heading west and south along Rt 208/I 287, the tower is an easy mark on top of the mountain.
A short 3/4 mile (1.2 km) hike from Skyline Drive brought me to its base this afternoon, Tuesday 4/9/18

For fascinating historical information, please see Kevin Heffernan’s excellent article via this link,  here, 

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6 thoughts on “The Tower Above Oakland, New Jersey

    1. Regrettably it is not accessible inside, still very much part of a private residence, and I believe containing various components of previous telemetry infrastructure. M 🙁

    2. Too bad. But . . . The last photo looks like you were on their land? As long as you’re already on private property, can you sneak in and sneak back out without being seen? Maybe break just one window and crawl in, leaving the door undamaged?

      1. There are a small number of homes within what has become Ramapo Mountain State Forest providing miles of hiking trails, historical points of interest, and the tower. A somewhat primitive road with restricted access for non-residential vehicles passes within feet of the tower, and small signs are posted indicating private property. Kevin Heffernan’s article includes a picture of MacEvoy’s home, which I believe is still owned by the family. It is located adjacent to the tower. Hikers generally respect the privacy, but I have peeked into the windows a number of times, seeing little change over the years. Note the remnants of mounting poles at the top of the tower but lack of relay dishes and other antenna transmission devices previously prevalent over the past 50 years or so. M 🙂

  1. Such an interesting history. Clever to enclose it. There is an enclosed tower in the town of Ocean at the NJ shore.. also on a property- but enclosed in wood. Thanks for sharing!

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