The “Line Up” – Starlings With Nothing Better To Do

“Hey Oscar! Look over there… I think they’re planning a ‘LINE-UP’!”
“Yeah! Tell the gang!”

Minutes Later…

“Whooo… Here they come from all over!” as Oscar and Felix excitedly head to the pole.  Line-Up! Line-Up!

Felix: “We’ll direct from up here!” Then, shouting to the incoming Starlings: “Be courteous and make room!”


“Get your spacing, mind your neighbor…”


Oscar, looking down: “You two go over there and fill in the spaces!”


At left, Oscar is summarizing to Felix after the event:  “Not bad old friend! Almost perfect!”

Images were taken 9/16/18. Thanks for viewing and click on or finger stretch to zoom in. Comments are always welcome. M 🙂

7 thoughts on “The “Line Up” – Starlings With Nothing Better To Do

    1. Hey CCJ: You’re right. Checking back today (9/30/18), the last two don’t allow zooming. In a few days, I’ll figure it out, probably by reposting those two images. Got to make sure we can see Oscar and Felix talking, after all!!! M:-)

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