Look Through My Window, To the Street(s) Below

Still “Winter Isolated” here in northern New Jersey, this morning I captured this image from our window, reminding me (obliquely?) of the classic Mamas and Papas song of forlorn love in the 1960s, here. And yes …those are still our trees in the foreground!

Thanks for viewing, and maybe even listening. Comments are always welcome. M πŸ™‚




5 thoughts on “Look Through My Window, To the Street(s) Below

  1. I like the view but not so much the song (never was a fan of the group).

    . . . as I looked at the photo it occurred to me that might be a good spot for a sniper . . .

    1. Actually, Lisa, we are packed and ready to escape to Florida tomorrow for 10 days or so. Thanks for the comment, as always. The view, only visible in winter, is from my window here, across to the Ramapo Mountains. M πŸ™‚

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