Escape to Florida – From Snow to Shining Pool!

From the snowy chills of New Jersey

Via the New Jersey Turnpike and beyond…

   South to the warm Gulf shores of Florida  

  We’ve been AWAAAY, driving nearly 3000 miles in thirteen days. Whew!

More photos and stuff coming soon…


Thanks for viewing, zoom in for a closer look, and comments are always welcome. M 🙂

9 thoughts on “Escape to Florida – From Snow to Shining Pool!

      1. People who are in a hurry and not native speakers and not focusing on being correct can sometimes (as in this case) be excused for using whimp instead of the proper wimp.

        Also whimp used to be a name for the equivalent of a nerd so it’s possibly a compliment.

        But, basically, whimp is a misspelling of wimp.

    1. My bucket list (wishful thinking, never happen :-()includes a road trip somewhat like your’s: Norway, up as far as possible -or- just enough along its coast to really see the northern lights! Thanks as always, for viewing! M 🙂

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