On the Road – Alexandria Va., from N.J.

   March 10, 2019

King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Va,


Market Square, off King Street


King Street and the Potomac River, looking 6 miles north


The George Washington National Memorial – Located 1.5 miles west.

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12 thoughts on “On the Road – Alexandria Va., from N.J.

  1. Steve Shaffer

    Old Town is really cool. We’ve visited there both together and I had a few days when I was travelling on “business” in 2009. Some really nice restaurants. Also a local book store that had a great cd section at the River end.

    1. We really liked it also, had dinner – actually about the first time we’ve been out and about for some time while on the road after Sandy Paws passed away. Hi Bev!

  2. Nice shots of a location that is only a few miles from where I live. I think that technically the official name of the building in the final photo is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mike. I had made the correction to the “Masonic” omission earlier today, but whenst (whenst?) putting it all together, it got left out again. It’s an important correction. The next day, of our vacation, as we headed south on I 95, I took note of the exit for Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and THOUGHT OF YOU!!! If we were not on a schedule, I would have loved to explore. Thanks again. M 🙂

      1. It’s not a big deal, other than the fact that the George Washington connection with the Masons is an interesting fact and gives a different perspective on the man than a visit to Mount Vernon, for example.

  3. Holly Rotkowitz

    One of the offices I visit frequently has property adjacent to the Masonic temple in Alexandria. I use the train stop there often

    The old city is really nice especially on a warm evening.

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    1. You’re fortunate to have the experiences to explore the area as I did during my career.” Later, on this evening, we drove around and about the “mall,” (hence the Washington Monument image!) bringing back lots of good memories of the “working” days and nights in the DC area. DAD!

  4. Anonymous

    I apologize for “Masonic” not carrying over to this “Twitter” post in the heading. The correction has appeared and is on my web site heading. Also, in my reply to Holly above, “Washington Monument” refers to the actual Washington Monument on the mall, of which I had sent a photo of – also taken that night …to her separately. M 🙂

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