Wedding on the Beach – St. Pete, Florida

DSC_0286.jpgThe main event of our recent Florida Vacation was our nephew’s wedding to his beautiful bride on the stunning beach at St. Pete, Florida, …a perfect day!

A hint that something extraordinary was about to happen!
DSC_0414 - Version 3
Friends and relatives gathered.
And as the wonderful ceremony proceeded, beach people watched…
The event was awesome. The beautiful blessed couple shined in the late afternoon sun, and the people cheered and partied into the night.
Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 8.14.07 PM
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5 thoughts on “Wedding on the Beach – St. Pete, Florida

    1. EJ: Occasionally, although rarely now, my images are not zoomable due to a phenomenon known as “Word Press Quirkiness.” I noticed this tonight. If it were not income tax time, I might have had the time to re-post this to ensure zoomability. But also, if I did that I’d probably lose my previous comments. So I will just say that under closed scrutiny of that particular image (on my computer screen,) their eyes are open and focused on the wedding. I know that because I scrutinized this image a number of times…! M 🙂

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