Some twenty-five years ago, my carrier often took me on the road, occasionally providing time and places to explore. In this case it was a few miles east of Wellsville, NY – Allegheny County, just a few miles north of the central Pennsylvania boarder. I walked along an old, rickety railroad track that had seen better days, and captured these images, and a souvenir hidden in the Brush with a long ago downed and forgotten telegraph pole.

Thanks for viewing, zoom in for a closer look, and comments are always welcome. M 🙂

3 thoughts on “Insulators

  1. Nice captures . . .

    . . . isn’t it weird how we call squirrels “cute” and rats “nasty”? It all has to do with the tail. Other than that, the differences are minimal (appearance-wise).

    Thank goodness it’s not the same in humans (mostly). Bald people would otherwise be maligned something fierce.

  2. Yes, they are both rodents! Chipmunks are cute also! Generally speaking, if I see a large spider …and a “lady” bug – well, one is welcome to walk on my finger, and the other not! That’s certainly something to ponder about! Thanks for the comment, EJ! M 🙂

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