Osprey Eyes

Photographed at our local Osprey nest on Barnegat Bay last week, Dad (left) and Mom (middle) are seen raising three offspring, shown here at a young age of about eight or nine weeks. It’s late afternoon …dinner time, and a fresh fish is the meal at their feet on the right.  What intrigued me was the color or their eyes. 

Below: A closer view of the light gray-eyed adult, contrasting strongly to the orange of the fledgling. 
And below, this same color distinction is seen here with the mom, (now staring at me,) and the orange eye color of the other two siblings.

Thanks for viewing, zoom in for a closer look, and comments are always welcome M 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Osprey Eyes

  1. Orange and yellow? was it the lighting or is it consistent in other photos?

    The osprey I photographed last month had yellow eyes. I only saw one, so that’s the only reference I have.

    Lucky to have such an active nest near you. Nice shots, too.

  2. Disperser: (Reference your coment above…) Without further research right now, (it’s late for me here, like after midnight…) I don’t much know beyond what I see on my monitor, but the late day, nearly sunset lighting certainly is evident on the otherwise mostly white breasts of these beautiful birds. Good thoughts, however. M:-) (Thanks for the comment, as usual.)

  3. Artie bird

    I love to watch them go after fish. Saw one in the Ramapo reservation take a large fish in the river. It had to drag it out of the river with it’s talons. It was a big fish. This was about 25 years ago. I will never forget it.

  4. Artie: That must have been a sight to see. At the shore, fishing in the bay or just offshore is a daily activity, like going to the Stop and Shop. They do it well. In the nest, the meal is used as a reward for learning, as the chick at left is being coaxed to exercise his wings, and fly. It’s all pretty impressive. M 🙂

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