A Snowy Trek to see Lucy

          Lucy Kaplansky, a Greenwich Village honed musician and singer-songwriter with pitch perfect vocals and acoustic guitar mastery, has impressed us during a number of local performances over the years. This past Saturday, as snow fell on the city and suburbs, my city savvy son and I made the trek, first by car in N.W. Bergen County, NJ, to the local train station. The end of the line is Hoboken, just steps away from the ferry terminal where we waited a few minutes for the frigid ride across the Hudson River to the “Battery” terminal (WTC area.) A cold half mile walk thru accumulating snow and partly along the water front, brought us to the pleasantly impressive “City Vineyard” restaurant on Pier 26.

         Preceded by an excellent dinner, Lucy would perform flawlessly with her music and stories, right there on the Hudson River, and practically in the shadow of One World Trade Center.

This  is  how  we  got  there…

          The last image above is through the window next to our high top table while watching the show, – overlooking the summer deck and Jersey City beyond. 

   City Vineyard is marked near the upper right on the map above.

        After the show, with my son leading the way, we would take a cab uptown to Penn Station, where the trains would bring us back under the river and eventually to the car (via Secaucus Jct.) and the final slippery road home. 

Note that these are i-phone images.

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11 thoughts on “A Snowy Trek to see Lucy

  1. EJ: I’m easily amused, 🙂 ….and really like great music, ahhhh, good food, ahhhh, great companionship, ahhhh, some city excitement, and other stuff. But I didn’t like the frozen toes!
    If I may, …my sincere condolences for your recent loss. 🙁

  2. A well documented trip, MV. Always a good idea to take a few pics along the way.

    Phone-cams have advantages and disadvantages of course but sometimes they hit the sweet spot.

    Snow always looks good though. Especially from my geo-location!

  3. Ggreybeard: The ravaging fires you’ve been experiencing, have been major news here in the states, and our hearts go out to you and Australia. The costs in lives and injury and property are one thing, but additionally, knowledge of so so many lost animals is another terrible dimension. There is more than probable reason to consider the gravity of truly scientific climate dialog…. Thanks for your comment above. M 🙂

  4. Thank you for showing the trip to the show. I really enjoyed those. I have never been there and your photos were amazing. I see pictures of the city in movies and such but not ever from someone’s camera as they are out and about there. Thank you,

  5. I confess to finding beauty in winter wonderlands but after a nasty fall that resulted in concussion and black eye decades ago, I’d rather drive on it/through whiteouts, than walk on it – kudos to you for your bravery! 🙂

  6. Daily Musings: We first saw Lucy at Oakland’s First Night, New Year’s Eve 1999-2000, after that, at Bergen Comm. College, with a substantial audience. Also at NJPAC in 2002 with Judy Collins and Riche Havens.The last time before this week was too long ago, at a wonderful outdoor concert on the Oval Lawn in Madison Square Park, NYC in 2007. We have also seen Richard Shindel down in Red Bank a few years ago, but never John Gorka, except on CD’s. Good Music. M 🙂

  7. TamrahJo: A shout-out to Colorado! Sorry to hear of your earlier slip and fall. I don’t mind walking in snow, but not too keen on shoveling, …especially the heavy wet snow. M 🙂

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