8 thoughts on “Gloomy Times – Riding Out the Pandemic

  1. AL Pfleger

    Just for walls, a cat, and 70% isaprople alcohol. But looking forward to going out fly fishing soon!

  2. Disperser, Al, and CCJ: Serious Common Sense seems to be the worthwhile attribute these days. And Cousin Al, …sooner or later you’ll be able to fish for those flies again! PS, – Al, Two days ago it was the tenth anniversary of Bill’s passing! Hard to believe. He sang it his way! M 🙁

  3. Thanks for asking, MV. Trying to look on the bright side and making the most of home detention – like so many other folks on this infested planet – and hoping for some clear night skies coming up!
    Best regards from Down Under.

  4. Ggrey and Indah: sharing similar encounters from all over the world, just emphasizes the frightening scope (no pun intended, Roger …🙂) of this incredibly widespread pandemic. With hundreds succumbing daily in this area alone (suburbs of NYC,) and unheard of economic and humanitarian disruption, my wife and I can only be thankful we, and our family have not been amongst the most seriously impacted …at least not so far. Thanks for your comments. Marty.

    1. I’ve looked at what is happening in New York with utter dismay. It puts our bushfire crisis of a few months ago in perspective. There is only one sure way to ensure surviving this peril – total confinement – and I am sure you are doing that.
      Keep blogging and keep safe.

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