Feeling the Pain – Pandemic At Home

From our home in western Bergen County, N.J. a neighbor’s half-mast flag seems to echo sadness and guarded apprehension, as our budding cherry blossoms perhaps offer at least a small glimmer of hope for the months ahead.           

Statisitics for our town (population about 13,000) – 4/16/00:

141 confirmed “Corvid – 19” cases, 11 fatal.

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  2. Weird . . . this already had a “like” from me when I got here, but I didn’t want to click “like” and I can’t undo it.

    Anyway, not good news. One hopes things are improving.

  3. Alameda County, California has chosen to only release statistics for the entire county. So I can’t find any covid-19 stats for just Castro Valley. But we have 962 confirmed cases in the county and 36 deaths. There are 1.671 million people in Alameda County. I have been sheltering in place for 33 days, which is probably why our stats are so low. But I also don’t know anyone who has been tested. They started a drive-up testing program in Hayward (the next town over) last week but it is just for first responders and people who are showing symptoms.

  4. New York doesn’t deserve this awful pandemic.
    America doesn’t deserve it.
    Yours is a picture of hope during a terrible time.
    Keep that hope alive, Marty.

    1. Yes, Teaneck is/was hard hit. We’ve got 12 deaths so far in Oakland, most from the nursing home. I used to live in Bogota, moved later to Bergenfield, basically surrounding Teaneck. I ‘d to ride my bike along Windsor Road to see chidhood friends back in Bogota …by the tracks. Some of your images reminded me of those same tracks. Stay Well! M 🙂

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