Feeling the Pain – Pandemic At Home

From our home in western Bergen County, N.J. a neighbor’s half-mast flag seems to echo sadness and guarded apprehension, as our budding cherry blossoms perhaps offer at least a small glimmer of hope for the months ahead.           

Statisitics for our town (population about 13,000) – 4/16/00:

141 confirmed “Corvid – 19” cases, 11 fatal.

Comments are always welcome.       Marty



13 thoughts on “Feeling the Pain – Pandemic At Home

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  2. Weird . . . this already had a “like” from me when I got here, but I didn’t want to click “like” and I can’t undo it.

    Anyway, not good news. One hopes things are improving.


  3. Alameda County, California has chosen to only release statistics for the entire county. So I can’t find any covid-19 stats for just Castro Valley. But we have 962 confirmed cases in the county and 36 deaths. There are 1.671 million people in Alameda County. I have been sheltering in place for 33 days, which is probably why our stats are so low. But I also don’t know anyone who has been tested. They started a drive-up testing program in Hayward (the next town over) last week but it is just for first responders and people who are showing symptoms.


  4. I keep trying to keep people in a brighter mode. Being depressed along with being quaratined can not be good. So in hoping to get a smile from you….

    I live in a one-bedroom condo, but….


    1. Yes, Teaneck is/was hard hit. We’ve got 12 deaths so far in Oakland, most from the nursing home. I used to live in Bogota, moved later to Bergenfield, basically surrounding Teaneck. I ‘d to ride my bike along Windsor Road to see chidhood friends back in Bogota …by the tracks. Some of your images reminded me of those same tracks. Stay Well! M 🙂


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