Freaking Out in Quarantine

April 25, 2020
A long time ago, while marginalizing higher education, …I may have had an OMG moment, …a thought, …a vision, of what it might be like living through a Pandemic!   

Thanks for viewing, and to wherever you may be the world today, be safe!   M 🙂


4 thoughts on “Freaking Out in Quarantine

  1. I’m revisiting my first of February night scapes that lead me to start each day with a tune loop playing over and over in my head – seems very apropo, now… alas, even though I blogged about the strange occurrence, didn’t once occur to me that it was ‘oops, I knew, I should have warned others to stock up on TP…” – LOL – therefore – AWESOME art! I, alas, sketched proper dimension dolls in grand ante-bellum world hoop skirt dresses – – during my boredom in some classes – OR my total absorption in others that lectured in the way I could absorb AND yet, were done by teachers that cared not a whit whether I sketched/doodled during class/lecture time, as long as I made a good showing on the essay questions come test time – – LOL (history)

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