Fly-Over Salute to First Line Heroes

Most of the country, and particularily cities like New York, continue in a state of shut-down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Today, a most welcome and meaningful show of support was heralded simultaneously by the Navy’s Blue Angels, and Air Force’s Thunderbirds, seen below flying from just south of the George Washington Bridge, to The Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan.
I joined about 30, mostly masked onlookers atop a basalt outcropping near Goffle Road, Hawthorn, NJ, to witness the event some 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km) distant from Manhattan. Close-ups are seen through ground haze, and a 600mm  lens.

Thanks for viewing. Comments are always welcome, and zoom in for a closer look. M 🙂

6 thoughts on “Fly-Over Salute to First Line Heroes

    1. Believe they took off from Florida this morning, with two passes of NYC, and Philadelphia. I wish I were a lot closer, but it’s not easy trying to park anywhere with most if not all parks closed. Tough times, but nothing compared to the care givers. M 🙂

  1. It did, and does. The heartbreak of these overtaxed hospital (and essential services) people is palatable; daily loss of patients, sans loved ones, basically nursed by unseen mask covered faces – day after day, and knowing after intolerably long days, the same will follow the next day. Thanks for your comment, Roger. M

  2. I wanted to get closer to the Hudson River, but as all parks are closed and driving restrictions in place, and for adhering to personal social distancing, this was about as far away from home as I dared (we basically hunkered down at home about 7 miles further north and west from this viewpoint! Thanks foot the comment, M 🙂

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