Yes, a new world-wide color: Pandemic Blue. Particularly those in urban areas have likely noticed what is one of the effects of significantly reduced airline and surface-traffic exhaust.

             Doesn’t the sky in this image, taken this morning in my suburban backyard,  look …nice?  Pandemic Blue. AND, as a bonus, if you are into “star-gazing” or astronomy, check out the night-time skies. Yes, …it’s more transparent! Pandemic Black

A small silver lining to an event that has become almost incomprehensible worldwide! 

Thanks for viewing. Hope all is well with you and yours during this thing! And you can zoom in for a closer look.  M! 



7 thoughts on “PANDEMIC BLUE

  1. Bobby Nichols

    I haven’t taken the time to notice if the sky looks bluer…. very observant of you. It’s much bluer in my driveway. Toyota Voodoo Bluer due to Haze’s relatively new Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO


    1. Anonymous

      Pandemic Grey …we’ll have to add that to the new color pallettes! Thanks for the comment! M 🙂

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