Monster Bride arrives at Our Door

 THIS appeared on our front door while staying in quarantine:

Not a great picture, (Hint hint – Macro-lens for Birthday!!!!) The little bride is known as a White Satin Moth, as opposed to a Corvid -19 Virus! 

                Thanks for viewing, Comments are always welcome.      M 🙂

10 thoughts on “Monster Bride arrives at Our Door

    1. Anonymous

      I understand some brides turn into witches! Fortunatly for us that is certainly not the case. And yes, that place in my old tattered camera bag for a macro has not yet been occupied. Would have been great with this moth! M 🙂

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          1. Anonymous

            EJ: OK, OK. My boat was floating under me …within which I and my wife were lounging in, me reading snippets from the Disperser and other amazing summertime tidbits, while keeping evil viruses at bay, on the bay! :-). Ehhh>??

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