Comet Neowise, 4:45 AM, 7/14/20

          Finally! a clear morning, …and there it was! Thank You to my neighbor for providing the roof feature, although they don’t know about it yet. And Thank You to my patient wife for letting me back in the little upstairs deck door after I locked myself out!

As usual, thanks also for viewing. Zoom in for a closer look and comments are always welcome.  M 🙂


14 thoughts on “Comet Neowise, 4:45 AM, 7/14/20

  1. Nice. That looks as if it’s a higher elevation from the horizon than predicted by Stellarium for your area (unless you’re at a higher-than-ground-level elevation — and I don’t mean your second-story).

    The predictions for my area — both for dusk and dawn — have it very close to the horizon. This being Illinois, I’d have to find a place to both get an elevation advantage and an unobstructed view of the horizon. Certainly not near my house as I live in town and the light pollution at the horizon is substantial.

    However, since I won’t have a photo of my own, I could not resist a few minutes of playing with your photo which, by the way, is very nice.

    I removed the noise and adjusted a few settings. Could probably do more with a RAW file, but I think it turned out OK. And, no, I’m not taking credit for the photo.

    1. EJ: Thanks for the retake. I think I would have had a better capture of the tail if I had gotten up about 20 minute earlier, but of course it would have been lower in the sky also. After a few frustrating days of cloudy skies, at least the weather today was (and is) perfect. M 🙂

    1. Me too! I hate climbing over the railing and lowering myself to the railing below! She reminded me we hid a key up there, but apparently I was too engaged in the Comet Moment to remember!
      M 🙁

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