18 thoughts on “New Normal? July, 30, 2020

  1. We need to get younger people on board and stop partying… and others who think masks are unimportant. I spend most days on the bridge at Fairleigh- it has become my private oasis. No one else is crazy enough to sit out in 98 degree heat!

  2. Yeah . . . the thing is, everyone I know is being (mostly careful). The problem is so many others are less so and even being careful, it’s difficult being rigorous.

    I was at the eye doctor, and wearing a mask interfered with the eye exam. They had a shield covering most of the space between me and the doctor (and he wore a mask), but still, you can’t do certain things with a mask on.

    We’re supposed to keep hydrated, what happens if we have allergies and a running nose, and so on.

    I also see a danger for personal interactions because you can’t tell the mood of a person wearing a mask.

    The ironic part for me was walking into a bank that has a big sign saying . . . “MASK ARE REQUIRED!” next to the sign asking that you remove sunglasses and hats before entering.

    1. It is an unprecedented time… characterized by a literally viral pandemic and… perhaps the most divisive political environment in memory. These conditions certainly are cause for a sense of raised anxiety!!!

      1. I have to believe many people’s stress levels are high, perhaps with them not even realization it. The health repercussions will echo for years to come.

    1. From what I recall from our cross-country trip years ago, you are living in a wonderful part of California, which on our way East, that night was leading us up towards the Tuolumne River, on the banks of which we slept …a really nice area. You were and are better off than the crowded southern part of the state for a number of reasons, especially today. To you and your family, Stay Safe! M 🙂

  3. Mixed messages from leaders are not helpful. I can’t believe it has taken six months for them to begin advocating masks.

    Just as with climate change, there are far too many people with an unscientific outlook who don’t seem to care about spreading the virus.

    Without a vaccine we won’t win.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no winning, even with a vaccine. At best, it will be somewhat contained much like the “regular” flu, where we have a constant fight to be one step ahead of a mutating virus.

      At some point, COVID-19 will also abate, whether from herd immunity, mutation, vaccines, or a combination of all those, but there will still be people that come down with it, probably for many years to come.

      The problem is that in the meantime, the experience will suck and be made all the worse by politics, economic impact, social strife, and the general tendency of humanity to ensure nearly everything is worse than it should be.

      . . . wait . . . that sounds almost cynical . . . I meant it to sound fully cynical; I must be slipping.

    1. Hi Bob: The figures are from the NY Times, …their comprehensive coverage of the statistics is published daily. I checked the site you mentioned above, (Worldometers) and specifically their daily new cases reported for NJ: (NJ, new cases, one week, 7/24 to 7/30 = 2946.) My post was not specifically intended to show a significant increase in NJ daily cases, but a reminder that we still should be dilligent, and mindful of our interactions with other people. M 🙂

      1. Bobby Nichols

        Hi Marty, What concerned me was it said 2000 in 24 hours. That would be a significant jump for between 500 & 650. I do believe that we still have to be very careful. Stay Well

    1. Bobby Nichols

      Good Morning Marty. I’ve been following the numbers closely and when I saw that it scared the hell out of me. I hope we can hang on to the low numbers we’ve had. You guys up for a socially distanced patio sit by our place? Be nice to see you guys.

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