Adventure to Primitive “Judges’s Shack” on the Dunes – IBSP, NJ

      During this Pandemic Summer:  a Sea Doo ride across Barnegat Bay at dawn to Island Beach State Park and the resident shore birds and ghosts of the 100 plus year old fishing shack still guarding the dunes overlooking the Atlantic      Notes: The “Judge’s Shack” is the last remaining fishing shack on the ocean side, originally built over 100 years ago. It is about a mile south along the beach from the bay access path. The adventure started at sunrise, across Barnegat Bay. Except for the first image, the images are in chronological order. And yes, the sea gull in the 4th image, is YAWNING! Wake Up time!

Thanks for Viewing. Comments are always welcome, and zoom in for a closer look. M 🙂

7 thoughts on “Adventure to Primitive “Judges’s Shack” on the Dunes – IBSP, NJ

    1. Anonymous

      I actually agree, being very pleased with that first image …and maybe the second. But the rest could have been saved another day, another post. Of note, that first image (of the shack) was straight from my i-phone (7), with no post development. All the rest were with the Nikon D5200. Yes, these phone cameras have limitations, but often, they sure can often produce impressive results (and a lot easier to carry on a PWC!) Thanks for the comment, Pit M 🙂

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