Resilience in the wake of Hurricane Isaias

About one month ago Hurricane Isaias brushed our area with 70 mph wind gusts carrying an abundance of salt water onto vulnerable trees and shrubs. Our Red Maple Tree suffered a significant loss of foliage facing the east side.

BELOW: One week after storm, 8/4/2000

                       BELOW: Five weeks after storm, 9/8/2000 

Below: Normal view at this time of year, (from a previous year.) Original leaves would already have been losing color saturation.

Thanks for viewing.  Comments are always welcome. Zoom in for a closer look.  M 🙂 (The old car was included to show
something more interesting than an old tree!)


7 thoughts on “Resilience in the wake of Hurricane Isaias

    1. The wind was vicious for a short time, but the tide remained only moderate (we’re on the water!) Sandy, was another story where we sustained considerable property damage. Thanks for your comment. I enjoy seeing the pics in Texas in your environs. M 🙂

      1. I’m happy it wasn’t too bad for you. 🙂 We had hoped to get at least some rain out of Laura, but not a drop here. She turned too far to the east.
        Glad you like my “reports” about Texas.

    1. The MGB? Yeah, It only goes for short local rides these days. But it was a near identical version we took cross country and back (British Racing Green) over 50 years ago, remarkably with no issues for thousands of miles, as documented in this blog several years ago. Our sedate daily driver? A 3 yr old Nissan Altima! M 🙂

      1. Years ago, with my first “little” car (an MG Midget) my dad said “your’e gonna get killed in that damn little thing” to which I replyed, “No Way, I can out manuver anything on the road!” Different ages, different perspectives! M 😉

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