Transcontinental Smoke

Instead of clear blue mid-September skies, the jet stream has picked up the massive pollution from California and environs, stretching it down toward Texas and up again to the Northeast in a 4000 to 5000 mile track spreading over the continent. Here in New Jersey, starting yesterday, the daytime sky has been distinguished by a slivery white opacity while the ground horizon remains sharp and clear. Meteorologists predict this will vary day by day based on the course of the Jet Strem.

Smoky air pollution from the unprecedented forest fires on the United States West Coast are now affecting our skies in the East. 

This image was taken about 90 minutes before sunset in Boonton, New Jersey, …and the plane is actually a model being flown over a nearby soccer field.

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9 thoughts on “Transcontinental Smoke

    1. And …he says California, a state not likely to vote for him next month, has been neglectful for not raking the forest floor to prevent it from just “blowing up.” Tell that to the relitives of those who have lost their lives, along with millions of animals. It’s really far from being funny. Maybe he suggests the western states should hire millions of laid off workers to becom rakers! You really can’t make this stuff up! M 🙁

    1. If there was any chance, just any chance that we could (could have) begin (begun) to mitigate the effects of Climate Change…. M 🙁 Thanks for you’re reply, Pit. M 🙂

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