Follow-up: Skyscraper Cranes – Race for the Top

 December 27th, 2019 – New Apartment Buildings on West 57th, NYC

       Left – “One 57 Moma Tower,” and right – “111 West 57, (Steinway Tower.)

See comments about Skyscrappers  and Crane Management on previous post: here

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5 thoughts on “Follow-up: Skyscraper Cranes – Race for the Top

  1. Hoisting heavy construction components – that are twisting and swaying – and delivering them into their precise and sometimes awkward location up there in the wind requires a lot of skill and training. My total admiration to the drivers who operate these tower cranes.

  2. reply to Disperser…Nope can’t afford it 🙂 but would be a great view. I love watching these buildings go up, it is amazing! Haven’t been to my office in 10 months (42nd & Madison), last time I was there the One Vanderbilt was still under construction…gotta think it is done by now but it will be awhile before I see it

    1. Granted, the view might be nice . . . but I can foresee many things I would not like about living in one of those. Mostly related to other people, but also things like elevators, noise, swaying, not easily going to be able to go for a walk or a drive . . . did I mention people?

      For views from on high, I’d choose a nice mountain view, as in living on a mountain and having a view of a valley below. Heck, I’d even opt for living in the valley and looking up at the mountains.

      Nothing against cities, but I’ve never liked them. They are not clean, they are noisy . . . did I mention the people?

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