Escaping the Wrong Way from New Jersey in WINTER

Newark Airport – Terminal ‘C.’     Early morning, quite a few years ago. “Florida?”  “Hawaii?” …I could only dream!  

Retired now, but a glimpse back to years of employment often revealed necessary travel. How nice!  But mid-winter?  It meant up early in the cold, managing the slippery roads to the airport, and shuffle off to …Buffalo, or Detroit, or some other frozen landascape.Renting a car was the norm. Bringing it back in one piece was the expectation.

Yeah, there was work to be done, and yes, often pretty landscapes in between.

But, at the end of some of those days, there was always a little nervous anticipation, often by the windows of the waiting room, pretending to read “USA Today” while supressing the notion of helplessly skidding or sliding down the runway in that plane out there. I would maybe think: Is this the fun part yet?

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2 thoughts on “Escaping the Wrong Way from New Jersey in WINTER

  1. One of my ‘couple’ friends moved into urban area to be closer to family and ‘retired’ from farming, and one of them got a ‘retirement’ job for ‘deicing’ operations at the local international airport – – for me? When I heard the news? my first thought was, “Oh! Thank Goodness! If anyone knows how to get a spring snow storm piece of equipment out onto a roadway safely to do what needs be done – it’s HIM!” – – He farmed multiple locations, year in/year out, on land and byways that aren’t kind, overall, to equipment or maintained to ‘get there safely” – – LOL Proud to KNOW them! But, they value their privacy, thus, I could just be making this stuff up – – LOL

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