Walking in Annapolis, Maryland


While in town for a wedding some time ago, we walked past the impressive Maryland State House, still in use, and dating back to 1772.Above is the upper portion of the building including its lightning rod, designed by Benjamin Franklin.

Thanks for viewing, …zoom in for a closer look, and comments are always welcomed.  M 🙂

5 thoughts on “Walking in Annapolis, Maryland

  1. when younger generations talk about ‘charging what you’re worth, protecting your rights, etc.” my fave thing to remind them of is Ben Franklin, his inventions he didn’t patent, specifically, the lightening rod, and how that invention and ‘free to the world’ changed the landscape of ‘modern living’ then and now, so very much – 🙂

    1. Nice thought. It would be interesting to see Ben’s take on the extraordinary progress of science and invention since his time. Thanks for the comment. M 🙂

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