Last Vestiges of Winter

It is late March in Northern New Jersey, and dirty piles of leftover snow have just about melted away.  Along back trails of the Ramapo Mountains, streams are flowing again creating interesting shapes and patterns in their melting ice. Sandy, our faithful hiking companion back then, was exhausted after this particular late March day ….in 2006.

Thanks for Viewing. Comments are always welcome, and zooooooom in for a closer look!  M 🙂

4 thoughts on “Last Vestiges of Winter

    1. Pit: Nice pics from the Texas Gulf coast. Regarding the cute Doggie (Sandy) you may not have realized she had a run on the Las Vegas Strip some time ago, which you can see here (Just kidding, but it was a take off on ”
      “A Man and his Music”: that being what the Frank Sinatra shows were billed as, way back when… M 🙂

  1. Beautiful pics! The slowly-building moment when frozen waters once more start to thaw/move is one of such beauty to me! From a trickle to a gush is such a fascinating thing to watch, in my opinion –

  2. Just rain here, and the sound of water running along the drainage ditch . . . still, it’s water running.

    Nice photos . . . I like the progression of photo from drab landscape to jewel-like beauty of the hidden details.

    . . . and, cute dog, of course.

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