17 thoughts on “The Leaf: Last Vestiges of 2021 – Good Riddance

    1. For me, Dick, so glad to leave 2021 behind. Just finished a couple of weeks of PT and on Dec 1st finally was legally permitted to drive again. All we need here right now is normal crisp and clear winter weather (52 deg now and foggy!) M 🙂

  1. Hmm . . . I don’t see my comment.

    I remarked on my bafflement with the caption . . . the leaf appears to still be there. Now I’m worried it might be the same for 2021.

    1. EJ: It’s been unseasonably warm and dizzily for days here, …boring. BUT Monday we should get slammed by some nice winter sub-freezing temperatures. I’ll be watching that leaf…and expect it to be Free, and then fall!
      See, I’m in need of some newsworthy backyard activities here. M 🙂

      1. It’s stem is not attached. The only way it will fall is if it gets ripped in half… or third… or quarters.

        But, have you tried a few bird feeders? I’m getting all sorts of backyard action shots on and around the feeders.

  2. And yet, to my joyous eyes at seeing your post/pic? What is my thought??

    “Congrats! YOU held on to great the new year! And right back to posting beautiful pics, too! ”

    But, then, that’s just me – but so happy to see this post from you!!!

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