Posting thoughts, observations, and media is an extension of my interest in capturing and preserving moments.

Playing on the “cloud,” is beginning to feel comfortable

Sharing and comparing lifetime experiences is rewarding

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    1. Thanks for the reply:
      In our absence at the shore recently, they built a new nest on top of 5 “deterrent” 4″ nails. He* looked at me defiantly last week-end, sitting on his new FEMA approved raised nest!!!! This might be a good topic for an update post! (*The male sits on the nests during the day!)

  1. Hi mvschulze! Many thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow! I love your philosophy of ‘preserving and capturing moments’, I agree wholeheartedly! Love your photos, I will be back.

  2. Oh – Thank You Ever so Much for being my FIRST official sale of my first eBook! As soon as the red-pen angels finish their work, your copy will be on it’s way to you!

    (Sorry if this seems over the top, but FIRSTS are a big thing for me! LOL)

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  4. Hi MV –
    Wasn’t as far behind on keeping up with you as I thought – apologies for the stampede of comments/likes – but trying to get caught up with everyone! Hope you have a wonderful summer!

    1. Like most, I’ve been falling behind on readings also, just a lot of thing going on. Same back to you, as the weather is finally looking good, MV

  5. I started my blog in October, 2010 and didn’t have many followers for a couple of years. I think you are the first person to have read those New Zealand postings in three years! I’m glad you enjoyed them and hope you get to go to Australia and New Zealand soon!

  6. Well, I have just been informed by WordPress that you made the most comments on my postings this past year. Congrats on receiving this prestigious award and thanks for all of those comments! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  7. I find that really hard to believe. I love your work, great research, great photos, and a glimpse into you and your wife’s well documented travels. I also just really enjoyed the ancestry bringing you back to the 1600’s – so far!!!
    But I know I have a lot of catching up to do, always, and you seem to have gained a lot of followers. That’s good, and I’ll be here most times as well to read, skim, absorb; and like, comment or whatever the moment urges. Happy New Year to you and your family. Marty

  8. Thanks very much for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy lots of entertaining writing and the wide variety of music. I usually post once a week. Please feel free to add comments. If it’s been a while since you visited come on over and see what’s new! Good luck with your blog. Regards Thom.

  9. I’ve been waiting for more of your work…the images come up – they’re all great. The comment box will not load….maybe it’s my NookHD. Let me know, MV. Thanks for the series of images.

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