On Awards – Re-thought: 6/19/13

While new to this year,  I was a little skeptical about the awards. Most everybody likes the honor, and appreciate the recognition of the nominations, and I’m no different. But I’m also a little reticent at the process and badges. Hoping not to seem aloof, as I certainly envy the various other award recipients, I’ve decided (for now) to take a pass on further acceptances – for a number of reasons, admittedly one being the sheer amount of time to facilitate an acceptance; and the other …my self-proclaimed “humble” nature (or “pseudo humble nature,” as I am really not sure which part of me is real or even here, at any given moment!)

I also feel highly appreciative of the Likes, and Comments – etc. which help define our site’s impressions on our valued and respected  followers. Additionally, the list on our “Blogs I Follow” section generally reflect the positive personal value we feel specifically towards those we currently  like,  always adding more over time.

So, Thank You  specifically to those who have sent nominations, and thank you to all that follow my posts.

I couldn’t appreciate your being here more.




Update: Thanks to No Step Too Loose,  ( Travel, Hiking (some extreme, most  awesome;) and observations –  extraordinary descriptions and incredible photographs. A must follow,

AND:  The Good, Bad and Ludicrous             A wonderful first-person account of Tamrahjo, who you just have to love and adore for her outlooks on life, coping and inspirations. A remarkable glimpse into a place and time many may have partially experienced in their own,

both, for  nominating me for the Liebster Award respectively.



May 9th, 2013

I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated for Sunshine Award, by Sherri, at A View From My Summerhouse, Her site is indeed fascinating and brings on the perspectives of one who has a wonderful talent for writing, and view of life from both the USA and Great Britain, where her “Summerhouse: serves as her writing spot. Check it out.

There are rules associated with this award as follows, copied here from Sheri’s site:

Rule 1.  Post the Sunshine Award logo on your blog

Rule 2.  Nominate 10 fellow bloggers

Rule 3.  Announce their nomination in their blog’s comment section

Rule 4.  Mention links back to their blog, including a link to the person who nominated you.

Rule 5.  Answer the questions.  This is designed to help people get to know you better.

Ten nominated blogs I follow: Wonderful thought provoking posts about current events and life’s observations Insightful, provocative comments and thoughts, based on financial and economic topics and more Most enjoyable NYC based viewpoints with frequent images of the city and Hudson River. Wonderful accounts of travels, usually involving tracking down family ties, with exceptional images and background Fascinating travel accounts, with great photos, and a lean on beautiful astrophotography Travel, Hiking and observations –  extraordinary A real visual journey inside life in Africa and the fascinating people and places. So interesting! Documenting events and travels by Ailsapm is incomparable. Always a good read with exceptional images, and great theme management Thoughts Alone is a collection of poems, prose, random thoughts, and other musings, with photos, always inspiring  Always a place to read observations of life, society and thoughts in general sometimes from a grumpy perspective. about life’s

The questions:

Favorite Color: Green                       Leaves, trees, life, environmental awareness

Favorite Animal: Dog                       Can’t imagine a day without our Shih tzu, Sandy Paws

Favorite Number: Pi                          Ever significant, never ending

Non Alcoholic Drink: Water           Pure, essential

Alcoholic Drink: Black Russian    Seems to incite elevated happiness

Facebook or Twitter: Both, in moderation

Passions: Life, awareness, a good place       Exploring, photography, …. many

Giving or Receiving: Giving, although often not enough             Receiving has it place, but not solicited

Favorite City: San Francisco            But, there are many for many reasons, including New York

Favorite TV show: Hmmmm ?

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    1. My pleasure. Love your site I’m intrigues with your recent mention of sailing on the Sado River, so distant from Barnegat Bay, NJ where we often sail. M

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