Some Like It Hot!

Celebrating this year’s Christmas holiday, socially distancing with our family, (plus one dog,) in a pleasantly warm and COVID-19 devoid tent, set flush against an open garage, …as gifts and good cheer, (despite masks) were shared, defying the chilly air around and about.

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Christmas: Just Around the Corner and Thru the Door



Of late, things just don’t seem to have been as …nice as they may have been around this otherwise beautiful planet.  But despite the real, or perceived onslaught of often sobering news, we hope for some positive reflection and prospects for all humans of good will, – and yeah, similarly inclined dogs and cats and others, as well… especially during this and all traditional, thankful holiday seasons. 

M (and JHSTDKSJLA and SP 🙂  – our family)

Featured image credited to Disney World Gingerbread House, Grand Floridian Hotel

A Gleam in the Children’s Eyes – Mickey’s Magic Kingdom

As it was two years earlier with our daughter’s family, we once again had the opportunity to experience Florida’s Disneyworld through the eyes of our grand kids – this time with our son’s family.


…Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Eve Romance? You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!


 This morning, Christmas Eve 2015, I sighted these reindeer (ok maybe not REINDEER!) right in our backyard. The one above sported a really nice set of antlers. 

Just off to the right, was another, apparently eyeing the first.



Male, Female – whatever. Before I knew it they were drawing closer. (Important note here: Female REINDEER do have antlers. You, the viewer can draw any gender or breed conclusions you want! DSC_0358


The rest speaks for itself, although I’m not sure what was being said! DSC_0359



They parted ways shortly after, seemingly quite content with their supposedly romantic encounter. Maybe this amorous behavior was sparked by the very unusual warm, spring-like weather  here in New Jersey.

None the less… Ho! Ho! Ho, what a sight, and watch for these two ….in the sky tonight

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