Rainbow, Osprey and Pretty Sunset – Aftermath of a N.J. Summer Thunderstorm

Numerous photos of last night’s photographically awesome storm, rainbow and sunset were posted locally, recording a spectacle which left jaws dropping. Many captures of the boiling storm clouds, intense and full rainbow, and incredibly striking sunset – many far better than these, show how good, and prolific everyday photography has become in recent years. 

Osprey and the end of the rainbow, on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey
In my rush to catch the tail end of the show, I left my wide-angle lens behind, but did manage to catch the plane, left of center, above.  Click or stretch for closer look.

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Bald Eagle Talent Contest – Oct. 9th, 2014

A few days ago, a pair of bald eagles appeared in one of the recently vacated osprey nests on the edge of Barnegat Bay, (Ocean County) New Jersey.  As seen from a few hundred yards offshore, they apparently were playing ‘one up-manship,’ although I have no idea of what their gender was. (?!) For the captions, the “wife” is initially in the nest, with the “husband” on the perch. 

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This post contains 18 relatively hi res images, so you can click or finger stretch to see better, or if short on time, simply browse the images. 

2014-10-09 at 08-34-16
Wife:   “I stand in this nest facing south”
2014-10-09 at 08-34-39
W:   “And now, I’m facing north!”                         Husband:   “Boring!”
2014-10-09 at 08-42-55
W:   “And, Now, I’m facing west!!!”                  H:   “Whooo! Soo talented!!! Now, WATCH THIS….”
2014-10-09 at 08-42-56
                                                                           Wife:   “Ahhhhhh! ”                    “H:   “BOO!”                                                          
2014-10-09 at 08-42-57
H:   “First Step – ‘Walk this Way!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-58
H:   “Second Step – ‘Ready for Liftoff!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-59
H:   “Third Step – ‘Ahhh such form…!’ “
2014-10-09 at 08-42-59 (1)
H:   “Fourth Step –  ‘Touchdown with style!’ ”                    W:   “Jerk!”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-01
H:   “What did you say?”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-03
H:   “Like, you could do it BETTER?????”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-16
W:   “You’re an idiot!”
2014-10-09 at 08-43-32
                                                    H:   (Shocked!!!)           W:   (Looks away, unapologetically.)                                                                                                                                                              
2014-10-09 at 08-44-38
W:   (Planning her  response….)
2014-10-09 at 08-44-43
W:   “With graceful agility, I gently levitate.”
2014-10-09 at 08-45-06
             H:   (He looks away, pretends not to see.)          W:   “Yes, I NAILED IT!!
2014-10-09 at 08-45-44
      H:   “Hmmph! ”        W:   (Takes a bow!)
2014-10-09 at 08-45-29
W:   (With the antics of the morning over…)   “…Who’s that guy out there in the boat?”

Ominous Vortex over New Jersey! Just Stormy Summer Weather… or More?

There are four images in this post!

This awesome sight at the Jersey Shore on July 19,  caused a little bit of concern….> 

2014-07-19 at 18-25-17

As part of a weather front ahead of thunder and lightning, the sea gull was also a bit mystified. >

2014-07-19 at 18-25-17 (1)

I watched curiously to see if a flying saucer or other extra-terrestrial visitor would emerge from the turmoil. >

2014-07-19 at 18-25-28

Was the shadow on the flag an ominous sign? >

2014-07-19 at 18-26-03

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Family Matters: Osprey mom deals with kid

A precious capture of a juvenile/mother relationship: early independent flight, motherly reprimand and reward.

This post contains 30 quick browse images, time stamps and captions.

2014-08-08 at 06-22-43
8/8/14, Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. 6:22:43 PM EDT. Mother Osprey on left; weeks old fledgling waiting for mom to look the other way – on right
2014-08-08 at 06-22-44
6:22:43, (+1 second) Jr.: “OK, OK, Mom’s not looking, now’s my chance….”
2014-08-08 at 06-22-45
6:22:44 (+ 2 seconds) Jr.: “I’m going for it!”
2014-08-08 at 06-22-46
6:22:46 (+ 3 seconds) Jr.: “I’m free, I’m free, whooo!!!
2014-08-08 at 06-22-47
6:22:47 (+ 4 seconds) Jr.: “Whoo, keep it steady!”
2014-08-08 at 06-22-48
6:22:48 (+ 5 seconds) Jr.: “PUSH HARDER, gain ALTITUDE!”
2014-08-08 at 06-22-49
6:22:49 (+ 6 seconds) Jr.: “I’m free….I’m flying!”
2014-08-08 at 06-22-52
6:22:52 (+ 9 seconds) Jr.: “Oh yeah… I get it. I’m cool!”
2014-08-08 at 06-23-42
6:23:42 (+ 59 seconds) Meanwhile, while junior is off on one wide circle, Mom hops down, quickly snags a fish, and returns….
2014-08-08 at 06-23-45
6:23:45 (+1 min., 2 seconds) …to the RIGHT branch, where Junior was before!
2014-08-08 at 06-25-20
6:25:20 (+2 min. 37 seconds) Mom: waiting for Junior… “Now where is he?”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-25
6:25:25 (+2 min. 42 seconds) Mom: “OMG, IN COMING!!!!”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-26 (1)
6:25:26 (+2 min. 43 seconds)  Mom: “NO! NO! DUMMY, NOT HERE! ABORT, GO AROUND.” 
2014-08-08 at 06-25-26
6:25:26 (+2 min. 43 1/2 seconds) Mom: “Ahhhhhh” Jr.: “Wah whoop wee Ahhhh Yergoi”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-27
6:25:27 (+ 2 min. 44 seconds)  Mom: Ducking,Choking, Screaming…  Jr.: “Yevaggg whoop eeech!!”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-31
6:25:31 (+2 min. 48 seconds) Mom: (Censured)
2014-08-08 at 06-25-39
6:25:39 (+2 min. 56 seconds) Jr.: “Ohhhh, I’m in BIG trouble now…
2014-08-08 at 06-25-41 (1)
6:25:41 (+ 2 min. 58 seconds.) Mom:  Screeching and yelling. Jr.: “Gotta get back. I’m getting tired! Mom’s gonna kill me!”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-42
6:25:42 (+ 3 min.) Mom: Yelling uncontrollably. Jr.: “Here we go…oooohhaaa”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-43 (1)
6:25:43 (+ 3 min. 1 second) Mom: “STOP!!!!!” Jr.: “Ahhh  voooog yeee!”
2014-08-08 at 06-25-43
6:25:44 (+3 min. 2 seconds) Mom:  continues to yell and screech!
2014-08-08 at 06-25-44
6:25:44 (+3 min. 2 1/2 seconds) Mom.: Still screeching! Jr. Balancing
2014-08-08 at 06-25-44 (1)
6:25:45 (+3 min. 3 seconds) Jr.: Settling, Mom: Still reprimanding.
2014-08-08 at 06-25-54
6:25:54 (+3 min. 12 seconds) Jr.: Sulking Mom: Calming down.


2014-08-08 at 06-26-46
6:26:46 (+ 4 min. 4 seconds) Jr.: “I’m Sorry, Mom.” Mom: Preparing to feed Jr., (reward???)
2014-08-08 at 06-26-48
6:26:48 (+4 min. 6 seconds) Mom hops over with fish
2014-08-08 at 06-26-49
6:26:49 (+4 min. 7 seconds) Osprey version of kisses and hugs!
2014-08-08 at 06-29-02
6:29:02 (+6 min. 12 seconds) Mom feeding Jr.  “Yum Yum”
2014-08-08 at 06-30-01
6:29:02 (+6 min. 12 seconds)Closer look
2014-08-08 at 06-29-18
6:29:18 (+6 min. 28 seconds) Meanwhile, Dad  remains detached from it all, eating his own afternoon catch nearby.

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OSPREY PAIR on Barnegat Bay


Yesterday I watched these recently arrived raptors comfortably settling in on top of a nesting platform erected only weeks ago under the auspices of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey and NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. The female (note darker breast coloring,) helps decorate with the sticks and twigs her mate brings over during the move-in stage, and she will eventually sit on the eggs as he guards and provides fresh fish daily.


 In the above image, Barnegat Lighthouse is a few miles beyond.


Note the painted aluminum “predator Guard” on the post, primarily designed to keep raccoons from climbing to the nest. 


Osprey are persnickety, in that if unduly disturbed while selecting a breeding home, they will leave. Viewing needs to be from a respectable distance. 

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