PAIRS: Gulls, Planes and the Sea of Tranquility

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I felt that tugging feeling…. that another post was due. So I “captured” these images a little before sunset tonight, Monday, April 27th 2015.

The plane was about 12,000 feet (3600m) probably heading to Kennedy Airport, NY. The moon was about 240,000 miles (386,000 km.) with the Sea of Tranquility being the darker plain in the center.
Gull landing on neighbors house
Gull landing on a neighbor’s house
Gull heading west with American Flad in foreground
Sea Gull heading west with the American Flag in foreground

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Yes, It’s New Jersey: Surfing Sea Gulls and Other Talent

Whenever I get the chance, I walk beaches looking for interesting shells, sand patterns, birds, … Last fall, just a week before Superstorm Sandy, I came across a number of Sea Gulls acting unusual.  They clearly were frolicking and playing with no abandonment, letting their guard down, unaware I was spying. They should have been seriously scavenging, or fishing or what-ever they’re supposed to be doing.

In particular, I saw two of these Herring Gulls – one surfing (waiting for the perfect wave,) and the other …shadow playing (like a care-free child!) To avoid embarrassing them, I did not reveal my presence. But, later I wondered  if they knew the big storm was on its way and, (expecting the end of the world,) figured…”what the hell!”

These 7 images are from New Jersey’s Awesome Island Beach State Park.

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Above:    Waiting for the perfect wave.

Image Above:   ” Whoooo! There it is, Kowabunga!” Image Above:     “Oh yeah! ready, ready…. here it comes…” Image Above:    “Awww,” (or is it “Cawww!”) “Give me a break! That was nothin’.” Image Above: (Gull # 2) “Doe de doe de doe, Look, I’m a Bald Eagle!” Image Above:   “And you thought the Aflac Duck was talented!”