From the Vault: Sunrise – Wildwood Crest, N.J. 10/10/75

Forty-four years ago to the day, this young guy (me!) captured sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean, as my young wife and 10 month old daughter slept in the Madrid Motel room before another vacation day at the shore.26.105 9-10-75 Wildwood and shore vacation (2)_edited-1ย 

26.104 9-10-75 Wildwood and shore vacation (1)_edited-1

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Seaside Heights – Impressive Sky

Recently, on May 20th, the late sunlit clouds over the Atlantic Ocean, were …awesome!


Of note …the actual sunset, a few minutes later, was one of the most dramatic we’ve ever seen. Clicking pictures while driving to the mainland, however,  was not going to happen.

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That Reminds Me of …Something! Hmmm

A while ago, I came across this curious gemstone-like proto-sand grain, lying by the ocean on Island Beach State Park in NJ.

Last week …I saw something that reminded of this while lying on the couch at home!

Orientated correctly, below, it is seen as one of the ceiling accent lights.

If nothing else, this exercise simply brought to my attention that I need to repaint the ceiling …soon!ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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The “Line Up” – Starlings With Nothing Better To Do

“Hey Oscar! Look over there… I think they’re planning a ‘LINE-UP’!”
“Yeah! Tell the gang!”

Minutes Later…

“Whooo… Here they come from all over!” as Oscar and Felix excitedly head to the pole.ย  Line-Up! Line-Up!

Felix: “We’ll direct from up here!” Then, shouting to the incoming Starlings: “Be courteous and make room!”


“Get your spacing, mind your neighbor…”


Oscar, looking down: “You two go over there and fill in the spaces!”


At left, Oscar is summarizing to Felix after the event:ย  “Not bad old friend! Almost perfect!”

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Perspectives: The Lighthouse and the Osprey

Osprey Nest and Barnegat Lighthouse a few minutes before sunset last night, as seen from newly opened Berkeley Island Park on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.

The Ospreys in this unusually tall nest are about a mile away (1.6km); while the lighthouse is about seven miles (12.5 km) further.

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Outside Our Window as the Rain Fell Lightly

ย “Cedar Waxwings” in a feeding frenzy, are seen thru the glass of our kitchen window today. Their colorful wing tips are remarkable, and they love berries… in this case from our Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginian.)

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