¬†Snowy White Egrets – This Morning’s Mini Post

A few quick images from this morning on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey

6:31 AM, muted sunshine. “Here I come. Fishies, look out!!!”

Thirty seconds later…”Walking along, my merry way… Doo de doo!”

6:54 AM, clouds over sun. “This is my ‘stalking’ pose…reeaddy to POUNCE!!!”

 Five seconds later… “Yahheeiahhh!” 

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15 MPH




Site of a local pheasant hatchery for early to mid twentieth century hunters is where we occasionally walk Sandy Paws, our now 13 year old Shih-tzu. She has never exceeded the speed limit.

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A Great Cosmic Clock – Perseid Meteor Shower


The Perseid meteor shower occurs around August 12th every year.          EVERY YEAR.

DSC_0863 - Version 5

Above,¬†a so so “capture” from the NJ Pinelands of a Perseid meteor last year ¬†(8/13/15 – 18mm ISO 4000, 15″, f/4, enlarged)

¬†This morning, while watching for and seeing¬†a few¬†impressive Perseid meteors, I tried thinking¬†of the first time I ever saw a meteor. My memory brought me back to a family vacation¬†in¬†Barnegat Light, New Jersey – a rental property near the beach with a flat roof accessible by outside stairs. ¬†Years later, while scanning old B&W pictures, I failed to¬†establish an¬†accurate date for that particulal week, but at 4:30 AM this morning, out there in the night, ¬†I¬†recalled as a young boy¬†being “scared” at the frequent fast moving streaks in the dark sky during that vacation. Dad was¬†introducing¬†my brother and me¬†to ‘meteors.’¬†

I pondered that¬†memory and ¬†the timely annual recurrence of meteor showers… and ¬†realized (as an aside,) that I finally had an accurate date frame for that early Jersey Shore vacation! All in all pretty insignificant, but…how¬†neat!

1953.07.00 128 Curt, in Barnegat Light, date appro

Above, Dad on the roof Р town of Barnegat Light, NJ.

Below, my older brother and me on the beach, with Barnegat Lighthouse beyond.

1953.07.00 134 Barnegat Light Summer Vacation - Version 2


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