The Piermont Pier


           About four weeks ago, in one of our last ventures before the Corvid-19 Pandemic, we visited the little town of Piermont, New York …on the Hudson River, and explored its 182 year old rock and earthen pier, which by 1851 served as a loading and unloading track bed for Erie Railroad trains picking up steamboat passengers from Lower Manhattan, twenty-five miles to the South.  On the then longest rail line in the world, vacationers would travel 450 miles (724 km) to Dunkirk, NY and the shores of  Lake Erie.   Some hundred years later, long after the excursions were outmoded, tens of thousands of WW II troops would depart from this same mile long pier to ferries, and transfer onto troop ships in NY Harbor. Sadly, thousands would literally leave their last footsteps on U.S. soil right here. A monument nearby is solemnly named “Last Stop, USA.”

The Piermont Pier is located about two miles (3.2 km)south of the new Mario Cuomo Bridge, jutting out a little less than one mile (1.61 km) into the Hudson River.
The old steamship/ferry slip from years ago is seen above,  …to the left.
Above: Today, the pier is a commercial, residential, and hiking park.
Remnants of the steamship/ferry docks can still be seen in this 2/23/20 view looking south. New York City would be just beyond Tallman Mountain to the right.
Above: A bollard, used for securing heavy lines, is seen here near the end of the pier, looking south.
Above: The trestle part of the new bridge, carrying the New York State Thruway, is about two miles (3.2 km) to the North; and Hook Mountain, overlooking the Hudson, is seen beyond.
Above: The striking new Governor Mario Cuomo Bridge; and two miles (3.2 km) further, Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse off Tarrytown, NY seen to the left of center span.
Taken some years ago while boating on the Hudson, Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse, also know as Tarrytown Lighthouse or Kingsland Point Lighthouse, was “installed” in 1883.

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Perspectives: The Lighthouse and the Osprey

Osprey Nest and Barnegat Lighthouse a few minutes before sunset last night, as seen from newly opened Berkeley Island Park on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.

The Ospreys in this unusually tall nest are about a mile away (1.6km); while the lighthouse is about seven miles (12.5 km) further.

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ARUBA… We’ll get there fast, than we’ll take it slow…

About three weeks ago Jeanne and I and some friends took a brief break to this tropical island, a mere 18 miles off the Venezuela (S.A) coast.  

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Greeted by these MONSTERS at the resort, whom we quickly grew fond of, the iguanas proved friendly, interesting, and to be all over the place.

DSC_0048 - Version 2



The “Occidental Grand Aruba Resort” featured, among many other amenities, its swim-up pool bar. 



Steps away was the beachfront with thatched-roof covered lounges, and tiki bar. I see a pattern here!  

DSC_0022 - Version 2


The soft, sandy beach proved to be a pleasure to walk along, and the leeward shore of the southern Caribbean Sea beckoned as a calm, iridescent water playground.

 DSC_0026 - Version 2 



Above, the California Lighthouse was visible from the beach, looking picturesque enough for me to include it as a photo-op visit for the following day. 


But what the short cab ride brought me to was anything but picturesque. In fact, this day, scaffolding was being erected for a long-term restoration project of the admittedly neglected beacon built in 1915 and named for a steamer wrecked off the point 24 years earlier. Note: there was no scaffolding in the previous day’s image!

With camera in hand, my obvious dis-satisfaction apparently proved humorous to the (mockingly) waving workmen, as I hastily retreated to my cab.  On the way back, I did manage to get a glimpse (not the kind the Beach Boys were likely implying in their ode to Kokomo,) of the arid, primitive north-east shore of Aruba, seen in the featured image on top of this post.


To ease the disappointment of the lighthouse fiasco, we caught this pretty view of the setting sun behind the beach front tiki hut, back at our resort. (Click for closer look)



The night-life in this tropical oasis stretches among the numerous resorts, offering great food, tropical drinks, and soft warm breezes on what would normally be a cold December night back home.DSC_0178 - Version 2



Aruba is located a little less than 2000 miles (3200 km) south of New Jersey, as seen at the lower left in this Google Maps image.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 6.28.17 PM


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Lighthouse and Lamp Post – 12 Years Ago today, Sodus Point, N.Y.

At times in my career, I traveled often. But “downtime” on the road sometimes led to interesting places. These two images are from May 20, 2003, Sodus Point, near Rochester, New York, on Lake Ontario.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – C2100  f/2.8, 1/500 ISO 100
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – C2100 f/3.5 1/500 ISO 100

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.37.17 PM

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LETS GO TO THE TOP – A High Perspective (2nd edition)

A Few Lighthouses

The top of each lighthouse is below including the date photographed

….followed by the full view and some Wiki facts

ONE – 9/29/13


TWO - 1/24/11
TWO – 1/24/11
THREE - 8/24/91
THREE – 8/24/91
FOUR - 10/14/02
FOUR – 10/14/02
FIVE - 5/20/95
FIVE – 5/20/95


And, the full views….

Barnegat Lighthouse, Barnegat Light, New Jersey (USA)  163' (50m)   Built 1859
ONE  Barnegat Lighthouse, Barnegat Light, New Jersey (USA) 163′ (50m) Built 1859
Paradise Island Lighthouse, Nassau, Bahamas   67' (19m)   Built 1816
TWO  Paradise Island Lighthouse, Nassau, Bahamas 67′ (19m) Built 1816
Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda   117' (36m)  Built 1844
THREE – Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda 117′ (36m) Built 1844


Marblehead Lighthouse, Marblehead, Ohio (USA), Lake Erie.   50' (15m)  Built 1822
FOUR – Marblehead Lighthouse, Marblehead, Ohio (USA), Lake Erie. 50′ (15m) Built 1822
Blackwell (Roosevelt)  Island Lighthouse, New York, NYC   50' (15m)   Built 1872
FIVE – Blackwell (Roosevelt) Island Lighthouse, New York, NYC 50′ (15m) Built 1872

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OSPREY PAIR on Barnegat Bay


Yesterday I watched these recently arrived raptors comfortably settling in on top of a nesting platform erected only weeks ago under the auspices of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey and NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife. The female (note darker breast coloring,) helps decorate with the sticks and twigs her mate brings over during the move-in stage, and she will eventually sit on the eggs as he guards and provides fresh fish daily.


 In the above image, Barnegat Lighthouse is a few miles beyond.


Note the painted aluminum “predator Guard” on the post, primarily designed to keep raccoons from climbing to the nest. 


Osprey are persnickety, in that if unduly disturbed while selecting a breeding home, they will leave. Viewing needs to be from a respectable distance. 

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THE FISHERMAN at Montauk Point

About three weeks ago, on October 13th, (2013) I came across this brave but happy soul challenging the elements at the very eastern tip of Long Island, NY. The prize was Striped Bass, or some other impressive catch of the season, …and the distant sea birds indicated conditions were good.

I admired his stature, his gear, his tenacity, but wondered about his sanity.   

2013-10-13 at 09-26-01

The lighting was breathtaking as sunlight painted the surf through broken clouds.

2013-10-13 at 09-26-34

2013-10-13 at 09-26-13

Then, the sea surged – but THE FISHERMAN held his ground, er…rock.

2013-10-13 at 09-26-43 - Version 2

Just to my right, the historic Montauk Point Lighthouse stood majestically as the clouds came in off the Atlantic

2013-10-13 at 09-19-37


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