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Buffalo, Paris, and Chimney Pots.

Twenty four years ago I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Chippewa and Main in Buffalo, NY,  and was intrigued by the adjoining roof top of an early 20th century two-story building, rimmed with tens of classic chimney pots.  Years … Continue reading

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Vincent van Gogh, Greatness and Demise; An Afternoon in Auvers, France, 2012

  A flashback to an experience we shared on vacation two years ago. Short on time? Just browse the images and click for full resolution.  This post contains nine images. As one of history’s creative luminaries, Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-impressionist painter, … Continue reading

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LETS GO TO THE TOP – A High Perspective (initial edition)

Some Close-Up Views of the Very Top of  Four Iconic Landmarks  Can You Recognize These? (Full images follow below)   All four have two things in common:  New York City, (and at one time or another,) were the tallest buildings in … Continue reading

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April In Paris … no, October In Paris – A Snippet from a Walking Perspective

Last year at about this time, we had the pleasure of walking along part of the Seine.  We explored the northern side of the Ile (island) de la Citi, upon which Notre Dame and other landmarks are located, …and across … Continue reading

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Living High, atop the Eiffel Tower

Please click on the images for full size view        While in Paris last fall I really enjoyed going to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel is credited with overseeing the design, and building of this … Continue reading

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A Rainy Night Out On the Town – Paris

Bus Shots don’t usually produce memorable results. But last year, on this one evening in Paris, the distortions, grimy streaks, stencils, and other distractions of the windows faded out between my camera and the subject. Splashy rain only served to … Continue reading

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Along The Historical Axis

In the 1980’s When Chinese-American architect Pei redesigned the Cour Napoleon, or main courtyard, before the  Lourve in Paris, he placed a single equestrian sculpture of Louie XIV slightly off to the side of the new and controversial Glass Pyramid,  By comparison, … Continue reading

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