A Winter’s Day…. Late-Day NYC View From the Frigid Englewood Boat Basin

Located aside the Hudson River, the Englewood Boat Basin is on the New Jersey side, a few miles north of the George Washington Bridge. 


The icy wind assured there would be no “old friends” on these park benches,


just  “cold as bones” trees silhouetted before the bridge, and Manhattan beyond.

More images shortly, as twilight and park police crept forth.

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“Empty Sky,” a Perspective in time

Yesterday, (5/14/13) we visited the New Jersey 9/11 memorial in Liberty State Park for the first time. It is a stunning, architectural and symbolic masterpiece designed by Jessica Jamroz and Frederic Schwartz, indelibly memorializing the victims and events that shattered the senses 11 ½ years ago.

When viewed from the west end, the two stainless steel jacketed 30’ high walls, 208’ 10” long, emblazed with the names of New Jersey’s innocents, leads the eye to the exact location of the original towers –  today empty, except for the “Empty Sky” and …the Woolworth Building, tallest skyscraper in the world until 1930. The walls, their length each the exact width of the original towers, block the new 1776’ (541m) ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER from view, offset from the original tower footprints for their respectful preservation. That awesome icon of the future, had it’s top spire placed just last week, seen here still with cranes working the job.

What intrigued me, was the coincidental nature of the old (Woolworth,) and new (Twin Towers,)  lying in the same line of sight. How remarkable! Thinking on this, I recalled pictures I took from this very same spot, 16 years ago, (Nov. 11, 1997) seen below verifying and  completing this interesting perspective.



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