Sudden Chill – Here and There

The lunar eclipse here along the New Jersey shore last night was stunning – but so was the windy and frigid weather following a dramatic arctic cold front, …making my camera and my fingers frozen.

Above: Just prior to the eclipse, a maximum full moon.
Above: Earth’s shadow covering half the moon

After I admitted defeat with the cameras, I went back outside with just my heavy gloves and binoculars, where the fully eclipsed moon, high above, was awesome, beautifully colorful and surrounded by the winter stars.

As the earth’s shadow is cast upon the lunar surface, its temperature drops hundreds of degrees. Here at our house, it seemed the temperature dropped just as much, from 50 degrees (F) at about noon yesterday to 7 (F) degrees this morning, with a wind chill of at least -11 degrees as shown below at 7:21 AM.


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2 thoughts on “Sudden Chill – Here and There

  1. Apparently, I would have had a great show from the ship . . . but it was supposed to be cloudy . . . but then, we were told it had cleared up.

    But, we were sick, so we went to bed early and missed the whole thing . . .

    However, I’ve photographed a number of them and I hope to see a bunch more.

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