Summertime at the Jersey Shore: TICES SHOAL – boater’s playground

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The satellite image below covers about 4 miles (6.4 km) across, showing the community of Sunrise Beach on Barnegat Bay and Island Beach State Park, a pristine  part of  barrier peninsula separating the bay from the Atlantic Ocean at the right.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.07.39 PM
On a typical summers morning, boats from miles around cruise to Tices Shoal on the New Jersey coast. The US Inter-Coastal Waterway  is indicated by the North-South boat traffic on the left.
Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.08.22 PM
In this closer rendering, about 35 boats can be seen gathered in this desirably sandy shoal inside the beaches.

On a good day, the numbers can reach several hundred boats, jockeying for space and visibility;  for sun seeking celebratory fun; for relaxing, drinks, food, swimming, and just being there.

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 8.09.27 PM
A small dock and access-way leads to the ocean,  (right, ) less than 1/4 mile away.

Below are photos and captions from Tices Shoal, followed by the treasure that is, on the ocean side…

P1010570_edited-1 - Version 2
Many arrive early to get favored “spots” near the access path, or sandy shoals.
DSC_0832 - Version 2
All sorts of boats, kayaks, PWC’s, inflatable toys – pets, families, revelers… join the bay-side community.
807  7-19-08 Tices with 500 boats, WJRZ, Aquapolooza (3)_edited-1 - Version 2
Frequently, raft-ups grow to dozens of watercraft.
And there’s the ever-popular ice cream, cheeseburger and hot dog boats.
Some cook and serve imaginative creations – food and drinks  – on board; others set-up their grills and cold ice chests right in the water.
Go-Fast boats come and go with unmistakable thundering power-plants, while awesome sailboats glide in silently.
Rock and Roll on Barnegat Bay 9/3/05
Several times a season, local radio stations add live music and give-aways to the party.
Cloudy days are no exception,. As long as the seas are reasonably calm, they come.
907     7-15-09     Tices, and Is Beach, Jeanne, Sandy and I, a beautiful weekday_edited-1
But it’s the bright sunny days that really beckon, and that short walk across the dunes to the ocean… promises some of the best beaches on the East Coast.
The sand is fine and soft on the feet; the natural fauna, birds and other wildlife, enjoy a protected and balanced habitat.
910     10-20-09     Is. Beach State Park trip, Marty and Sandy (11)_edited-1
For those who love the treasures of the beach, and the allure of the sea without massive crowds, Tices Shoal provides the key to the gateway.
And as a rarity in New Jersey, our favorite pets are welcome, as this image of Jeanne and Sandy Paws the dog will attest.
We all try to be environmentally conscious, and there is no better way to practice this than during and after a day at this very special place. (That’s a kite hanging on the line!…)
At the end of a beautiful summer day down the shore….
…a sailor, perhaps here overnight, bids farewell to the setting sun.


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More information can be found at the official Tices Shoal website.





20 thoughts on “Summertime at the Jersey Shore: TICES SHOAL – boater’s playground

  1. Ahhhhh … Down the shore. Headed there today! I always feel like a kid, because the first glance of the ocean is magic. Of course, it could become a bit rough in the next few days. Welcome to summer storm season!
    Loved, loved, loved this photo essay, M. Thanks for starting my morning with this!

  2. David

    Hey that guy cooking on the red neck barbecue is me .thank for the pic I don’t have any for my own album that’s my bubba red neck barbeque

  3. David

    Yes That’s me but my boat is to my back not the one in the pic you can see my stern anchor line and ladder my son is in yellow shorts by the boogie board my sister in law opening a beer and my 2 nephews in front of me I have that whole set up in my boat it a kids plastic shelf set I made and got longer plastic PVC tubing at a’s gardens for poles in ground an condiment shelf off to the side and cooler floating on boogie board. Yeah that’s me

    1. Anonymous

      That’s too cool! I’m on the road right now but will dig up an exact date for you tomorrow, and I think there is a wider view. M 🙂

      1. David

        One of my wife’s friends saw this picture and told us we had to check it out and said she saw us on the Internet thanks so much Wow that’s cool hope to see you out at Tices the name on my boat is Summerwind usually there’s a penguin from the movie Madagascar or now I have one of them little minions on the front from the movie despicable me hope to see you out there

      2. David: That picture was taken 8/8/08, and in another photo, I see your Monterey (Summerwind) with the cute penguin strapped to the bow! Our boat was the in the back ground, “Sandy Pause.” and we’ll keep an eye our for you. It is a great place to be on summer days. Thanks for visiting the post. M 🙂

  4. David

    If you find that pic could you email me I would greatly appreciate it I possibly might be Tices bound this Sunday with some friends

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