The Leaf – Part two: A Winter’s Day

Taken a short while after this morning’s snowfall, the image above shows the same leaf seen in my post last week, …which is shown below.

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3 thoughts on “The Leaf – Part two: A Winter’s Day

  1. We have had our first ‘two skiffs of snow’ recently – which is weird so late in season – cold and dry – and then yesterday? The third one arrived – I went out in the evening – and the wetter snow was clinging and clustering to the standing dead stalks I left uncut, in hopes of ‘catching’ whatever snow/moisture does arrive this winter! It was BEAUTIFUL to behold! thus? i had stuff like that here, yesterday too! But glad you captured a picture that is representative of it – me? Busy as usual, noticed and appreciated, but do you think I remembered to grab phone/camera to take a picture for history/posterity/sharing? Nope – LOL

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