Perspectives: The Lighthouse and the Osprey

Osprey Nest and Barnegat Lighthouse a few minutes before sunset last night, as seen from newly opened Berkeley Island Park on Barnegat Bay, New Jersey.

The Ospreys in this unusually tall nest are about a mile away (1.6km); while the lighthouse is about seven miles (12.5 km) further.

Thanks for viewing. Click on or “finger stretch” for a closer view. As always, comments are welcomed M 🙂

7 thoughts on “Perspectives: The Lighthouse and the Osprey

  1. Nice. Is that a working or a decorative lighthouse?

    I couldn’t wait . . . I looked it up the moment I finished typing the question. It’s a working light. Nice.

    1. EJ.: Barnegat Lighthouse is a wonderful New Jersey Landmark and favored photo subject, with quite a few images posted over the past five years right here – from land, sea; the middle of the night under the stars, and even a photo or two from the air, and in the background from when I was about 5 years old. kid. We are fortunate now, to have a summer home down here just across the bay, a few miles from the inlet and the lighthouse.
      Thanks for the comment, and again thinking of you and Mellisa during the volcano activity. M 🙂

    2. Thank you. We’re not in any direct danger, but depending on the wind, we might get a bit heavier vog than normal. Nothing that hampers activities, but it’s something we think about as we walk around breathing the stuff.

      For the record, there’s no discernable particulate or smell . . . it’s more like the haziness one might have from smoke from a fire (something we also had in Colorado). It certainly robs the natural beauty of the place and I’m sure lessens the experience for visiting tourists.

    1. Sherry: This is the tallest Osprey nest in the area. Most, and there are many now are typically 15 feet or so, and inspected often by the Conserve Wildlife Organization, pretty much over-seen by a wonderful guy named Ben Wurst. M 🙂

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